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Check Out Our Moving Pictures!

Chris has been hard at work putting together some of our Galapagos video clips. In case you ever wanted to see Albotrosses beak fighting in preparation for mating or me getting chased by a baby sea lion now is your … Continue reading

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Weekend fun in Malawi

Written by Chris While we were in Malawi, we had a few weekends free while we weren’t volunteering for the good of mankind and we took off from our main base for a few excursions. Getting around Malawi is actually … Continue reading

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The Malawi Volunteer Experience

Written by Chris We had never really set our plans for how we wanted to spend the rest of our time in Africa, though we had had the idea of volunteering in mind. We happened upon a good-looking organization that … Continue reading

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Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

The famous Dr. Livingstone. From the moment we stepped out of South Africa (where Nelson Mandela rightfully rules the land) till our last day in Tanzania, the number one person we heard about was Dr. Livingstone. Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, and … Continue reading

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Asia bound

Written by Chris Two continents down, and two to go. Today we are reluctantly leaving the beautiful island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania in Africa to head to Nepal. Our months in Africa have been a truly illuminating … Continue reading

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To be prepared … or not to be

Written by Chris Be Prepared -Motto of the Boy Scouts of America Moshi, Tanzania – For the first half of my life so far, I was very active in the Boy Scouts and I don’t think that there is anything … Continue reading

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How we’re traveling the world for $380

Written by Chris Moshi, Tanzania – In most vacations, the three major costs are airfare, lodging, and food. We went and lopped one of those off of our budget almost entirely by getting one year’s worth of flights for only … Continue reading

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How to live forever and die young

Written by Chris As the old joke goes, “I have the ability to travel through time, but I can only go forward and only at a rate of one second per second.” We are are all traveling through time in … Continue reading

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Oh Where, Oh Where, Did Chris and Mindy Go?

After a month or more of being almost completely off the radar, Chris and I are back in Internet civilization. (Well for the next 12 hours that is.) For the last month we have been bunkering down in a little … Continue reading

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Our Discovery of Ecuador and Peru

Jointly written by Chris and Mindy After quite a bit of uncomfortable bus travel, Chris and I have made it safely to the little town of Balaka, Malawi. We are having an enlightening time here, learning and engaging with the … Continue reading

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