Chapter the Next

Get ready for a bunch of crazy, made-up words!

Get ready for a bunch of crazy, made-up words!

Written by Chris

Sydney, Australia – Mindy and I arrived in Sydney early this morning to a wonderfully cool rainy day; a fantastic break from the humid hundred-degree days in Bangkok. This marks the last continent of our journey and a bit of a return to civilization as we know it. After 3 months in Asia (preceded by 3 months in Africa), we’re re-adjusting to all this cleanliness, being able to eavesdrop in our native language, no longer being giants, and to seeing so many darn white people everywhere.

Asia was a great time and it went by much to quickly. We went hiking in Nepal, skirted across the the north of India, hung out in Bangkok and Malasia, learned kung fu and saved the dogs in northern Thailand. Though it is getting westernized, the culture is very different from any I have ever experienced. We definitely plan on coming back to explore some of the places we missed.

Now that we are in Australia, we’ll be easing back into enjoying some modern comforts and we’re also getting shocked with modern prices. E.g. it cost us less that $3 to take transit to the airport in Bangkok and, on the other side in Sydney, the train set us back a cool $34. Welcome to the future. Ah well, as long as I can make it out to an Outback Steakhouse, have a Foster’s beer, and pay a visit to my dentist, Dr. P. Sherman on 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, everything is going to be okay.

It’s a shame things aren’t still as carefree and strange as they were in the ’80s:


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5 Responses to Chapter the Next

  1. Mom says:

    Video didn’t work. Don’t run back to Asia just because prices are better.

    • crupley says:

      Not sure about the video, but I put an extra link under it so you can give that a try if the embedded is not working. You’re not really missing out on much! What’s wrong with Asia?

  2. Casey says:

    i need a map update…i have no idea where Australia is until you put the yellow pin marker in the right place

    • crupley says:

      Wow, pin markers finally in place. Google maps just had a big update and they made it quite difficult for me to do this. Working on a new method…

  3. Holly Chambers-Ouellette says:

    Let me know if you see Nemo!

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