A Galapagos Adventure

Photos from our 2 weeks in the Galapagos Islands. It includes a 7-day cruise around the southern islands; Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Pinzon, Santa Fe, Espanola, and Floreana. Also a 3-day jaunt on Isabella Island.

You can read a few of our posts on it under the tag “Galapagos“.

5 Responses to A Galapagos Adventure

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  2. mom says:

    Unable to make pictures larger. Any ideas?

    • crupley says:

      All the links have been restored, so you should now be able to click the thumbnails for the full size file. Enjoy!

  3. Tim and Diana Rupley says:

    wow I am speakless. What beauty!

  4. Tim and Diana Rupley says:

    Sorry I am speechless.

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