On to the next chapter: Africa

I'd better start getting used to this view

I’d better start getting used to this view

Written by Chris

It may be hard to believe, but Mindy and I have just completed the first leg of our trip. We have had some great times in South America, but it is time to move on to the next continent: Africa. We leave early tomorrow on a flight itinerary that could charitably be described as torturous. It offers the following features:

  • 4:30am wake-up call to get to the airport
  • Travel on 2 separate tickets; always a risk if delays occur and flights are missed
  • A total of 4 plane changes in 4 different countries – Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, and South Africa
  • One 16-hour layover
  • Flight miles: over 10,000
  • Door-to-door elapsed time: 51 hours estimated
  • A red-eye flight on my birthday going east so I lose 7 hours of my birthday

That’s the price I guess we pay for budget travel. We have our Kindles and iPods fully loaded and we’re stocking up on snacks. We’ll see you in Africa! (If we’re lucky…)

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4 Responses to On to the next chapter: Africa

  1. Janice R. Black says:

    Hey Mindy,
    Your mom has been keeping me up to date with everything!! Be safe, have fun and Mrs. Clemens (Helselton now), Mrs. Brehm and Mrs. Peters all say hi!!

    • msuerupley says:

      Thanks Ms. Black! We are having an amazing time as well as learning a lot! Especially about science ­čśë Please tell everyone I said hi as well!

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