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Finding a Place

Written By Mindy Doing a bit of throwback to finish up Nepal. While Chris has been good and getting posts up in a prompt matter, it has taken me a bit to catch up. (Hopefully I can do so eventually!) … Continue reading

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An Update on the Life of Chris and Mindy

I know everyone says it but I seriously cannot believe it’s 2014. Chris and my trip is only a few months from being finished, we’ve been married for over a year, (yes, I know that is a short time but … Continue reading

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The Lady Post

Written by Mindy Warning: If you freak out at the word tampon, this post isn’t for you. We, as females and most males I know including Chris, all know being a female is in general more difficult than being a … Continue reading

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Zanzibar, An Island of Spice and Mystery

Whew, last Africa post! Next up, Nepal and trekking the Himalayas! Shortly After Landing in Zanzibar Cab Driver turning around to look at Chris, “You want advice? You have pretty and nice wife, don’t take another. Not worth it. WAY … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela

As most people have now heard, Nelson Mandela died this morning at the age of 95. Out of all our travels one of the most inspirational things we did was our visit to the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. As … Continue reading

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We Found Pride Rock!

There is a picture from my senior year of high school, Mary you know which one I mean, where three of my friends and myself are standing on a rock as we sing the opening lines of “Circle of Life” … Continue reading

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Getting Swindled, From Start to Finish

Disclaimer: This post reveals a bit about the unsavory parts of travel Chris and I experienced in Tanzania. It was a hard three weeks of travel and we wanted to share this as we wanted people to know that backpacking … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things We Didn’t Know We Were Thankful For

As Chris and I have travelled we have become increasingly aware of how incredibly lucky we are. We were born into a wealthy nation to parents who worked hard and provided us with the opportunity to launch the lives we … Continue reading

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Check Out Our Moving Pictures!

Chris has been hard at work putting together some of our Galapagos video clips. In case you ever wanted to see Albotrosses beak fighting in preparation for mating or me getting chased by a baby sea lion now is your … Continue reading

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Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

The famous Dr. Livingstone. From the moment we stepped out of South Africa (where Nelson Mandela rightfully rules the land) till our last day in Tanzania, the number one person we heard about was Dr. Livingstone. Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, and … Continue reading

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