The Beginning of Our Adventure

Written by Mindy

Well it’s official. We have left California and are on the road. Doesn’t quite feel real yet but it is pretty amazing to be spending a rainy/snowy Monday in front of a warm fire rather than in the office.


Yesterday we went hiking in the Grand Canyon with some friends. Neither Chris nor I had ever been there before and I couldn’t believe just how incredibly spectacular it really is. It is definitely one of those places that while you have seen thousands of photos of, you just cannot comprehend it til you’re standing there. We did a pretty intense hike in and out of the Canyon that was basically just 3 miles of stairs, definitely breathtaking in more ways than one!


Today we are going to go bum around Flagstaff a bit and then tomorrow it’s off to Denver! Well that is if we can brave Weather Storm Wanda.


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2 Responses to The Beginning of Our Adventure

  1. Mom and Dad Rupley says:

    You guys look great! and the Grand Canyon is awesome. Wish we could be with you. (The Grand Canyon is on our bucket list)

  2. grandma says:

    Enjoy your cross country trip. Anxious to see you Love

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